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A database driven site for 40+ Aged Care Homes

Allity Aged Care has a network of 43 aged care homes located across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. It is one of the most respected and established providers within the Australian aged care industry.

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What I Did

When looking for an Aged Care Home for your loved one, there is a lot of information that you need to research. This has to be presented in a concise but clear way. Now, they have over 40 different Aged Care Homes around the country, so if they change their mind on how they want the information laid out, you really don’t want to have to individually modify 40+ pages to fix the formatting!

With this in mind, I used an SQL database to contain all the information on each Aged Care home. The Allity site administrator has a simple set of forms to easily edit existing Homes and add new Homes. When a particular Home is displayed in a web browser, this data is extracted and formatted into the page you see (via handcrafted code). If Allity changes their mind with the layout of the page, it is simple to modify a few lines of behind the scenes code and then all 40+ pages will be automatically updated – simple.

What We Did Ality

Database Driven Pages

Allity Pricing Page
  1. Room Description – The room details are maintained by the Allity administrator, there is no need to ask a web developer to make changes. You will be able to modify your content.
  2. Facility Photos – Selecting the photos shows the gallery in full screen. The Allity administrator can refresh these at any time
  3. Video – Incorporate any media into your website. Here, a video walkthrough gives the Allity customer a feel for the Aged Care Home.
  4. Print – This is not just a screen print! This button prints a customised “brochure style” layout of the Aged Care Home.  When presentation counts for your customers, talk to me and I will create what you desire.
  5. Contact Details – These change for each Aged Care Home. Again, the Allity administrator can update these at any time, without the need for a web developer.
  6. Book a Tour – This is a personalised form for each home, that is emailed to the facility owner with the prospects preferred meeting day and time.  Use this technique on your website to convert a prospect into a paying customer

Special Features


Google Map with Allity Home Locations

Looking for an Aged Care Home near you? Nothing beats a map.  For Allity, I customised a Google Map with Allity’s logo, depicting the location of each of their Homes.  Click on a location and you are taken to that Homes description page.

Magazine Flip Book

Magazine Shelf
Flip Book

Allity publishes a Magazine twice per year.  Rather than have it hosted on a 3rd party site (which displays adverts for other companies around your product) I integrated their magazine into a “flip book” style, so it can be hosted on their website.

Newsletter Editions

Allity Newsletter

Sending emailed newsletters to your customers is a great way to keep your companies name at the forefront of their minds.  Rather than having a “news” section that looks like a blog, Allity chooses to have it more “Newsletter” style with specific monthly additions.  Using custom coding I created an interface where the Allity administrator could create newsletter editions, add and edit articles in each addition

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