Project Description

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Built to the Client Requirements

Bumpy Road is an accessible website written using simple English words with facts sheets for parents dealing with the child protection system.  The target audience is people with disabilities or who have trouble with the complicated language of the legal system.

Bumpy Road Desktop Mobile View

Specifically Tailored for the Target Audience

This website is not an “off the shelf” design, it has been hand-coded to meet the strict requirements of the client and the target readers of this website

Bumpy Road Breakdown
  1. Font Resizing: For the visually impaired, the ability to increase the font size is a must. We made this an easy to locate button, saving the user looking for the zoom menu in the browser menu
  2. Custom Menu: A standard menu of simple text labels at the top of the screen was not sufficient for this audience. They have been made large and colourful for easy reading.  The drop-down menu also has large menu items with whitespace to make them accessible.
  3. Listen: For those who have difficulty reading, a “Listen to this page” option was implemented. When selected, the page is read to the viewer (via speech synthesis) and spoken text is highlighted.
  4. Easy to Read: For this audience, large, easy to read fonts are a must. You won’t find any “artsy” light grey, tiny text on this site because we listen to our clients and design sites with their needs at the top of our list.

Website design credit: Bug Communications

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