Project Description

Multisport Race Start

A Technical Website with
Thousands of Simultaneous Users

Multisport Australia is a leading Sports Timing company in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

If you have participated in a marathon, triathlon or Ironman in this region, then you have probably been timed by them.

As you can expect, timing has become “real time” – if you see an athlete pass the finish line, then you expect the online leader board to display that time with little lag.

Multisport Responsive Design

What We Did

The website we developed for Multisport is not your run of the mill WordPress site. It is written using Enterprise grade software. For the technical enthusiast, we used ASP.NET MVC with the C# language, SQL server, hosted on the Azure Cloud Service.

Most of the time, the traffic to their website is low, for example Wednesday to Friday, since everyone has checked out their results and downloaded their certificate on the weekend of the race. However, some events are huge – 60,000 athletes race in the Singapore Marathon.

Here, the power of Azure Cloud is harnessed, ramping up their website from 1 to 6 or more Web Servers to handle the massive load as everyone checks their times after the race. By being able to ramp up and down the number of Web Servers on demand saves Multisport hundreds of dollars in hosting fees.

Hand Crafted for a Unique Business

Every page is hand crafted, custom written code, retrieving the content of the page from a Microsoft SQL database.

We are serious coders who can turn your problem into an elegant solution for you and your customers.

The whole site has been designed with the end user in mind – there may be complex code behind the scenes but an athlete can get to their results in just a few clicks.

Multisport Results Screen

Tailored to Their Specific Needs

Every Race is different, different distances, different splits (checkpoints) along the way, different race banners, different certificates – you get the point. Multisport relies on a number of configuration and reporting screens to run its business efficiently.

We have created custom screens, all hosted behind a password protected wall, that allows them to create and configure events no matter what country they find themselves in. The site security is layered with roles – so a Photographer has less access than a Timer which has full access.

No matter how complicated your business is, we have the technical know-how to provide you a comprehensive solution.

Multisport Configuration Screen

No Problem Too Hard

Multisport doesn’t sit on its laurels – they are always thinking of ways to impress it clients.

Can we have an editor to layout certificates? Sure.

Can we post to twitter at half way mark in the race? No problem.

Can we add an API so mobile apps can access the race results? Yes.

You get the picture – if you can dream it, we can implement it.

Multisport Certificate Editor

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