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An Enterprise Client / Server Application

Tactician Cloud is used for Sales Team Management – to create and re-align territories to balance each salesperson’s workloads, and, for Retail Franchise Management – to determine profitable sites to locate their next retail outlet.  This is accomplished through a web browser front end backed by a Cloud Server that does the heavy computational lifting.

Designed to Manage Large Sales Teams

Tactician Territories Map
  1. Map: We have used MapBox API (similar to Google Maps) to display this map. On it shows three Field Manager Territories.  This type of map is used to visualise the sales territory for a particular employee.
  2. Menu: This is an enterprise web application and there is much functionality accessible through the multi-level menu panel. You can turn map overlays on/off, or add your competitor’s stores to the map.
  3. Toolbar: These controls allow you to select a person’s territory for manipulation. You can select individual zip codes or use a polygon tool to select a number at once.  Doing so highlights the selection on the map.
  4. Alignment Panel: This panel shows your selection from above in a tabular and chart form. You can see how much “workload” a person has and then add or subtract zips from a sales person’s territory to balance the opportunity they have for making sales.
  5. Geography Panel: This is the Territory being examined. There is more functionality in the menus here, for example, exporting, printing or generating demographic reports on a territory.

Demographic Marketing for Retail Stores

Territories Thematic Map
  1. Store Locations: Customers can import their store locations and have them geocoded and placed on a map. They can then select a trade area for which they can get demographic reports, such as how many females between 21-30 live in this area.
  2. Thematic: The map areas can be coloured using any of the census data or other data (such as traffic counts) that can be purchased from 3rd party vendors. This gives the users insights into their business.
  3. Legend: Every map needs a legend, and custom legends for say thematics are not provided by the standard mapping API’s. These graphics are all hand-coded.

An Ongoing Commitment

This product was developed and refined over ten years by a team of 4 developers.  Originally this product was written in Classic ASP using VB DLLs and a C++ application running as a COM object.  Over the years it has been upgraded to run on ASP.NET and C#.  If the previous sentence sounds like gobbledygook, don’t worry – just be reassured that we can bring your requirements to life using an “under the hood” engine that is appropriate for you.

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