A lot of people want to know what it costs to build a web site — before they know what they need.
Our fees are based on our time, plus disbursements like add-on services.

You may require:

  • consultation time at the onset of the project
  • building of the information architecture
  • design of the look and feel
  • engineering to create the dynamic content
  • along with testing and debugging before uploading

The cost of each stage will be influenced by the:

  • number of pages that need to be built
  • amount of graphic design you’d like
  • degree of interactivity — forms, databases, discussion groups, catalogues, etc

We are happy to help whether you are starting off, redesigning, or require integration of in-house systems.
We don’t design cookie-cutter web sites. We design a personalised website that reflects your specific requirements.
We’ll need details about your business and what you want to achieve before we can actually prepare a quote.